Gracie and Wishy the Star!

Hello! Clara here ;)! Last night I saw the weirdest thing! A shooting star! I would have taken a picture but it came unexpected :oops:. My cousin told me that if I press ‘A’ after it something special will happen! I did and my character did a kind of praying gesture. I waited but nothing happened 😦 👿 But this morning I discovered:

Blog Pictures 015

It also came with a present:

Blog Pictures 016

Also Gracie came to town!

Blog Pictures 018

Oh look, she’s looking down on me 👿 😆

Blog Pictures 019

Me before ‘make-over‘ (above)

Blog Pictures 020

Me after! (above) She gave me the ‘Cow Shirt’ but I don’t care much for the wig 😆

Blog Pictures 021

I also found the perfect fishing spot! 😀 😉

Blog Pictures 022

Drake was gossiping about Angus and Patty’s relationship. See I knew that they were together! That present could have been a wedding ring! 😉 😆

Blog Pictures 023


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    Mayu said,

    Lol, I love your posts! They’re funny, let us know about more stories about Patty and Angus xD

    And lucky you! To get the treasure chest and Gracie’s shirt is really awesome, congrats! 🙂

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