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Julie’s Town Wildwood!

After Outback we went to Julie’s town Wildwood!

Blog Pictures 044

What a gorgeous path

Blog Pictures 045

Nookington’s Yay! :mrgreen:

Blog Pictures 046

Me and sleepy Shania 😆

Blog Pictures 048

Shania is the shiny eyed one whilest Julie is the almond eyed one 😉 😀 😆

Blog Pictures 049

Then Shania went 😥 😦 Awe…

Blog Pictures 050

Herti’s on the left hile Claire’s on the right :mrgreen:


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Herti-pi’s Outback!

On Sunday I went to Hert-pi’s town Outback!
Blog Pictures 035

Her entrance is amazing!!!

Blog Pictures 037

We explored her graveyard, spooky! I almost got dragged dwn by the monster skeleten hand! Eek!

Blog Pictures 036

We also saw her house!

Blog Pictures 038

Her main room was Awesome!

Blog Pictures 042

And her upstairs room!

But then we decided to go to Julie’s town, Wildwood! Read more in next post!


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Well hiya! Clara here! I’m so sorry but I won’t be able to post as often now 😥 I’ve school 🙄 👿 And my school ends at 3:30 pm and then it takes me awhile to get home 🙄 😦 And then homework 👿 👿 And then dinner and then blog time. But I’ll try to squash it in between homework and dinner. :mrgreen: 😆 😉 I won’t give my blog up that easy 😉 😀 Going to post A.S.A.P! ~Clara

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Total Revamp!

Well I did a total revamp of my town. I chopped down all trees.

Blog Pictures 025

Yes it’s so awful and sad looking. I think it makes NutGrove have an empty feeling 😥 😦

But now I’ve started to grow some trees in certain places! 😀 :mrgreen:

Blog Pictures 027

Much Better 😀

Blog Pictures 026

A new entrance too 😳 Not as good as Mayu’s though 😉 Even though the designs aren’t mine :mrgreen:

Blog Pictures 028

I also got Nook n’ Go!

Blog Pictures 024

My corn field surrounding my house 😀

That’s it for today, See you soon!


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