Total Revamp!

Well I did a total revamp of my town. I chopped down all trees.

Blog Pictures 025

Yes it’s so awful and sad looking. I think it makes NutGrove have an empty feeling 😥 😦

But now I’ve started to grow some trees in certain places! 😀 :mrgreen:

Blog Pictures 027

Much Better 😀

Blog Pictures 026

A new entrance too 😳 Not as good as Mayu’s though 😉 Even though the designs aren’t mine :mrgreen:

Blog Pictures 028

I also got Nook n’ Go!

Blog Pictures 024

My corn field surrounding my house 😀

That’s it for today, See you soon!



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    Mayu said,

    Haha thanks for using such a lot of my patterns xD 😳

    It’s great to see them in other towns, because mainly I draw them for other people but don’t use them for myself, so I rather have no feeling of how it looks like arranged.
    I also like your path very much, looks like chocolate *yummy*

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