My Ac:ww Town

This page is all about my town on Ac:ww (Animal Crossing: Wild World :D)

NutGrove Town Map:

Blog Pictures 002

NutGrove Neighbours:

   Blog Pictures 011Blog Pictures 013  Blog Pictures 012 Blog Pictures 029

Blog Pictures 030 Blog Pictures 031 Blog Pictures 032

Blog Pictures 033

My Character:

Blog Pictures 009

Fc: 0174-1195-2023

(Ps-If you would like to add me don’t be afraid to ask, I don’t bite ;))



5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    ouracwwadventures said,

    Hi Clara! I have added you! 😉 My information is:

    Name: Julie
    Town: Wildwood
    Friend Code: 1075 9809 3711

    I just have 1 rule in my running through my flowers 😉 Hope you don’t mind! 😀

    See you soon x3

  2. 2

    clara, was this ur first town? coz split rivers in first towns is rare! lol! u have a really awesome map!

    • 3

      Clara said,

      Really? Haha, I thought it was normal 😆 I bet your town is cool too! And yes it’s my first ever town! Yay 😀 ~Clara

  3. 4

    P!nk said,

    Sweet town! Sweet blog! *adds to blogroll* Can’t wait to WiFi!

    • 5

      Clara said,

      Yay, oh 1 thing! Please don’t think my town is horrible because they’re no trees 😥 I cut them down myself but I’m plantying some more so… Well see you soon!

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